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Will Solicitors Hull

Will writing Hull - Planning ahead

There are many benefits to making a Will, whether you are in your twenties, have just got your foot on the property ladder, have a growing family or want to consider elements of tax and/or estate planning.

A Will enables you to be clear about who should get what, protect vulnerable loved ones, and provide for those who would not necessarily benefit from your estate. A Will can also be used as an efficient tool to reduce tax and protect assets. It is also reassuring to know that you can chose who will handle your financial affairs as well as look after your family.

Even if you have already made a Will, you should review it regularly to take account of changes in your personal or financial circumstances that may affect it. There could be changes amongst beneficiaries, who may have died or been born since writing your Will, or you may have just changed your mind; you may no longer have an asset or you may have gained more. You may have just got married, in which case any Will you may have made could be revoked (cancelled), if not drafted to take account of the intended marriage, prior to the event. You can also appoint guardians of infant children in your Will.

Always check whether any changes in your circumstances could have an effect on the contents or the validity of your Will.

Here at JAYCON LEGAL SOLICITORS, you can be assured that any questions you may have about writing a Will, probate or your estate can be answered and any concerns allayed. As Will and Probate Solicitors we will give you the benefit of our specialist advice and years of Will writing experience, which means that we can give tailored advice to our clients.  We will discuss and advise you on the legal issues which arise when making a Will and also advise on the practical effect that your wishes may have after your death.

We offer a FREE consultation and are happy to meet in the comfort of your own home or in the office. We also offer FREE registration on the Certainty National Will Register.

Cancer Research UK

Jaycon Legal Solicitors now participates in the Cancer Research UK FREE WILL SERVICE.

We know that many people want to help beat cancer by leaving a gift in their Will. Cancer Research UK wants to offer something in return for this generous support.

To qualify for a FREE WILL under this service you must be 55 or over. If you are making a Will with your partner, only one of you needs to be over 55.

Cancer Research UK will pay for the cost of simple Wills. You will be liable to pay any costs which exceed this agreed amount.

Please contact Jannina Beckett or a member of our team for further information 01482 330830.