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Power of Attorney Solicitors Hull

What is a Power of Attorney?

If you think that you might need assistance with your financial or personal affairs, either now or in the future, you may like to consider appointing someone to help you with these aspects of your life.

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A Power of attorney is a legal document whereby you can appoint a person or persons, known as an Attorney/s to assist you at a time when you are unable to make the necessary arrangements for yourself. Once prepared, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your personal and financial affairs will be dealt with in a satisfactory manner, by someone that you trust.

The most common types of Power of Attorney in England and Wales are:-

  • Lasting Power of Attorney - which can be used in the event of mental or physical incapacity. In relation to finances, these were formerly known as Enduring Powers of Attorney. Enduring Powers of Attorney completed before 1st October 2007 are still valid, and need to be registered before they can be used, but can no longer be created.

Having a Lasting Power of Attorney means that the time consuming and costly nature of the Court of Protection application can be avoided.

Here at JAYCON LEGAL SOLICITORS we are specialist Power of Attorney Solicitors and we can prepare the appropriate documentation and answer any questions that you may have; either as the person needing the Power of Attorney or the attorney requiring advice. You can rest assured that you will receive the benefit of our specialist advice and experience.

We are also specialists in Court of Protection matters.

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